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Automatic Emergency Dialer


Can be programmed to telephone preset numbers, with voice or digital messages, when an intrusion or fire is detected or emergency assistance is required.

Working powerĄGAC110VĄB60HZ
Voltage OutputĄGDC12V 1A
2 circuits inside, mutual control circuit.
2 emergency records , each set holds 1~16 sec, hold time could be displayed.
On status of busy line or nobody receives, the line will automatically repeat dial 8 times and search next phone number when rings 6 times.
Test monitor design and prohibition imput design after turnning on
2 emergency signals, each set contains 3 phone numbers and combines 6 together.
Pager, domestic & long-distance, international, cell phone could be dialed
Automatically catch line, prior advising function.
Automatic detection function.