Alarm Control System
Access Control System
Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Electro Magnetic Locks


Full Range Input Voltage
Retro-Reflective Photobeam Detector
Retro-Reflective photobeam detector
Full Range input voltage (AC/DC 12~250V)
Long sensing range: 15 meters
IP-55 water proof
Hood for sensor & reflector pack
Triple square shape reflector set
Pole mounting bracket included.
Power and beam alignment led indicators included.

Model Number@ PBR-15L
Light On: Normally Close Relay Output
Dark On: Normally Open Relay Output
Current Drain@@PBR-15L
@@@@@@@@ PBR-15D
Beam Aligned: 90mA / Beam Broken: 70mA
Beam Aligned: 70mA / Beam Broken: 90mA
Input Volt.
AC/DC 12~250V
Infrared Led Red infrared led element/940 nm
Detection Method


Contact capacity

N.O./N.C. Relay Output, 0.5A@120V (min. 1 sec.)

Response time

50~700 msec.

Delay time of relay 1,000 msec
Sensing range 15 meters
Volt. Output


Led indicators for
beam alignment
& Power
Yellow led Off: Beam aligned / Yellow led On: Beam broken
Yellow led flash: Beam alignment signal weak (Re-align)
Green led On: Power On
Wirign connection Terminal block/Cable gland (IP-66)
Ingree Protection IP-55
Environment/Stroage Temp. -13XF ~ 131XF (-25XC ~ 55XC)
Alignment angle Horizontal: 90X / Vertical: 5X
Weight Sensor: 0.41 kgs
Reflector with Hood: 0.25 kgs
Dimensions Sensor: 182(L) 80.4(W) 91(D) mm
Reflector with Hood: 182(L) 80.4(W) 91(D) mm