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Photoelectric Beam Sensor

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Wireless Door Entry Alarm & Counting System ( Infrared Beam )
/Solar Panel Included.
Wireless Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Range: 3.14 to 22 feet (0.5~ 7 meters)
4 Digits Counter (DC-500) -- Optional
Solar Panel Included.
3.7V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack (1,230 mAH)
Switching Power Supply Mode AC/DC Adaptor
Wireless Photo Beams to Speaker
Volume of Speaker: Adjustable
Sounding Time: 3~30 seconds


  Photoelectric Beam Sensor
Infrared Receiver Modules for Remote Control Systems
Housing ABS
Radio Frequency

433.92 MHz (315, 866 MHz available also.)

LED Emitting Element

Infrared LED Indicator (Red)

Sensing Range

3.14 to 22 feet (0.5~ 7 meters)

Power Supply AD3.7V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack ( 1,230 mAH )
BDsolar panel
Current Drain (mA) Standby (Beam Aligned properly): 3.7 mA/Beam Broken:14 mA
Duration of Battery If the sensor trigger less than 2,000 times per day, then the battery can be lasting 10 days (also the solar panel is working not proper.)
Power input wire

DC Jack (p)5.5mm/2.1mm x (L)12cm

Wireless Door Announcer
Type Microprocessor based control unit
Housing ABS
Radio Frequency 433.92MHz
Coverage Range 100m (Open space)
Volume of Speaker 0 Max (Adjustable)
Chime/Alarm Time 30 sec max. (Adjustable)
Power Supply (Input) AC/DC Adaptor (100-240VAC/50-60Hz 12VDC/0.5A)
Power input Jack DC Jack (p)5.5mm/2.1mm
Power Supply (Output) 12VDC/130 mA
Power output Jack Phone Jack (p)3.5mm
Temperature 0J ~ 50J
Solar panel
Type 0.8W Solar panel
Housing ABS
Power output wire DC Plug (p)5.5mm/2.1mm x (L)5m , Black
4 Digits Counter (Optional)
Type 4 Digits Counter (Number can be adjusted +/-/Reset)
Housing ABS
Power Supply 12VDC/130mA (same power source as speaker)
Power input wire Phone Plug (p)3.5mm