Alarm Control System
Access Control System
Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Electro Magnetic Locks


Multi Frequency / Long Range Beam Tower
Long sensing range (30/60 meters outdoors)
Heater available (optional)
Aluminum housing/PC Resin anti-UV cover ABS side caps
AGC circuits; Anti high-low temperature, fog, rains
2 or 4 or 6 or 8 beams separate photoelectric beam sensors, programmable trigger on simultaneous breaking of any single, or 2 adjacent beams/or 2 adjacent beams broken only--selectable by JP2 on Rx's side cap.
Multi frequency (4 channels selectable)
Terminal block wiring connection
Alarm trigger: Break one or two adjacent beams
N.C./N.O./COM relay output
Mounting hardware included.
No synchronizing wires required.
Built in beam alignment led indicator.
Built in beam alignment buzzer (beep sound).
Built in tamper switches (left/right side caps of both Tx & Rx)



Sensing Range
Outdoors: 30/60 meters---Indoors: 60/120 meters
Beams 2x 2 beams/2x 4 beams/2 x 6 beams/2 x 8 beams
Detection method

1. Any 2 (2 X 2) adjacent beams at the same time; relay trigger immediately
2. Any each (1x2) beams broken for more than 2 seconds; Then relay trigger
***( Remove JP2; one beam broken relay trigger function cancelled)

4 Channels selectable

Multi frequency function (4 channels selectable) available

Signal output

N.C./N.O./COM relay output

Response Time (Rx) 150/300/450/600 msec (selectable, by Sw1)
Delay time of relay 1 second
Relay capacity 1A/120VAC; 1A/24VDC
Wiring Connection

By terminal block

Power Led indicator Green led on: Powered, Green led off: Power off
Beam alignment indicator Built in red led indicator for beam alignment
On: Beam aligned proper, off: Beam broken or power off
Beam alignment buzzer Built in beam alignment buzzer
Beep sound on: Beam broken or beam alignment failed
Beep sound off: Beam aligned or power off
Heater Heater available (optional)
Tamper switches 4 pcs; on left/right side caps for both Tx & Rx
Environment Temp. -25J~55J (-13K~131K)
Engress Protection IP-65
Humidity 95%
Dimensions 50(W) 53.5(H) (635/1,095/1,555/2,015)(H) mm