Alarm Control System
Access Control System
Photoelectric Beam Sensor

Electro Magnetic Locks


Control Panels -multifunctional

Entry and exit delay
Built-in siren driver
Auxiliary power output
System ON/ARMED indicator
AC power indicator
ON/OFF keyswitch, latched or momentary
Pre-alarm buzzer output
Zone status and system armed outputs for remote monitoring
Automatic low battery test and indicator
Single-chip Microprocessor monitoring circuit, stable operation, low electricity consumption, reliable quality and long operational life.
System and siren tests


Power current ”GAC110V 60HZ
Protection zones”G
one 24 hours emergency zone(N.O.Loop)
two burglary zones (N.C.Loop)SCS-9104F
four burglary zones (N.C.Loop)SCS-9106F
eight burglary zones (N.C.Loop)SCS-9108F
ten burglary zones (N.C.Loop)SCS-9110F
twenty burglary zones (N.C.Loop)SCS-9120F
Entry delay”Gright now.20, 40 or 60 seconds(Selectable)

Exit Delay”Gright now,20, 40 or 60 seconds(Selectable)

Alarm Timer”GShuts alarm off after 45 seconds or 2 minutes
Entry delay, exit delay, alarm cut-off time are selected by an internal DIP switch
Rechargeable Standby Battery”Glead-acid, 12 V, up to 1.3Ah
Dimensions ”G300(H)x210(W)x65(D)mm